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July 8, 2012

Historical Archive: Church of St. Julien le Pauvre, Paris

c.1170-80 and later; shortened from 6 to 4 bays in 1651
now adapted to the Melchite Greek Catholic rite
Iconostasis: George Bitar, Damascus, 1891, top register removed in 1960s

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nave, aisles, iconostasis, and central apse, view to east
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iconostasis cross and central apse windows
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nave (lower parts c.1170-80), iconostasis, and central choir and apse (upper parts c.1210-40)
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central choir and apse vaults (c.1210-40), and mid-17th c. nave vault
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nave north elevation (lower part c.1170-80, upper windows and vault mid-17th c.) and north aisle (c.1210-40), view from south aisle
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c.1210-40 south aisle and north elevation of central choir
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south aisle (vaults rebuilt 19th c.) leading to south apse: Chapel of the Virgin
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south apse vault, c.1210-40
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south apse pier
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late 12th c. harpies capital between choir and south apse
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late 12th c. foliate capital between chancel and north apse
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foliate capital in nave arcade, c.1210-40
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foliate keystone in north aisle, c.1210-40
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west facade, mid 17th c.
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east apses, 13th c.
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east apses seen from Square René Viviani-Montebello
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central eastern apse
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north side with robinia pseudoaccacia tree (American locust) planted in 1601 or 1602, said to be the oldest tree in Paris
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north side, 13th c.
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northeast apse and north side