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January 12, 2021

Historical Archive: Wienhausen Nuns' Choir, south wing
access courtesy of Abbess Renate von Randow

beams dated around 1325 by dendrochronology
frescoes around 1335, renewed 1448 by 3 nuns all named Gertrude
overpaint removed and frescoes repainted 1867-68 by Heinrich Ludger Schrörer, restored 1990-94
windows remade 1863
Information on paintings is available in Sabine Wehking, Die Inschriften...Wienhausen, 2009.

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to east, with lamp for eternal light; altar of Mary 1519
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to east/southeeast
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to west/northwest with choir stalls and original wooden floor
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north wall
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above: God directs Noah to prepare for flood, Flood, new covenant with rainbow; below: deaths SS Catherine of Alexandria, Margaret, Agnes, Dorothy, coronation Theophilus, deaths SS Barbara, Agatha; left: St. Alexander of Rome, center: St. Maurice
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above: new covenant, Abraham and Isaac, Jacob's Ladder; below: deaths SS Barbara, Agatha, Cecilia, Lucy; left: St. Maurice, right: St. Christopher
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creatures with St. Christopher: bears, dolphin, fish, sea harpy, triton, winged triton, hybrid. Not available in high resolution.
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above: Abraham and Isaac, Jacob's Ladder, Moses and burning bush; below: deaths SS Cecilia and Lucy, Christ and Zacchaeus, Wienhausen; center: St. Christopher; right St. Michael
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Kloster Wienhausen between seraphim
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west vault: childhood of Christ
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vault: Passion
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vault: Resurrection, Last Judgment
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east vault: Heavenly Jerusalem
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east vault: donors Agnes von Landsberg and Henry V with abbesses, noble women, a duke
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east vault: donor etc., closer view
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eastern arch: dragons, labors of the months
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south wall: day 2, creation of the firmament
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day 3, creation of the plants
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day 4, creation of the sun and moon (day and night)
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day 5, creation of birds and fish
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day 6, creation of animals and man