Art and Architecture of the Middle Ages: Exploring a Connected World
A website with photographs by Genevra Kornbluth, aligned with the art works in the book.

The book, now available from Cornell University Press , has a linked website prepared by the text authors.

This site, prepared by the book's photo editor and photographer, provides additional related images. Some depict the precise objects discussed in each chapter. Others provide visual notes on those objects and discussions, and are meant to facilitate further exploration.

Chapter pages here link to material in the Kornbluth Photography Historical Archive. More information about specific objects is given there, and abbreviations explained.

Photos linked to this site may be freely used in oral presentations for educational, non-commercial purposes. The large versions are sized for classroom projection (PowerPoint friendly).
The photographs may be used in unpublished papers. They may not be used commercially or published without written permission, and may not be posted to Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons.

Chapter 1: The Roots of Medieval Art

Chapter 2: Fourth and Fifth Centuries

Chapter 3: Sixth to Mid-Seventh Century

Chapter 4: Mid-Seventh to Late Eighth Century

Chapter 5: Late Eighth Century to ca. 960

Chapter 6: ca. 960 to ca. 1070

Chapter 7: ca. 1070 to ca. 1170

Chapter 8: ca. 1170 to ca. 1250

Chapter 9: ca. 1250 to ca. 1340

Chapter 10: ca. 1340 to ca. 1450

Chapter 11: Afterlives of the Middle Ages

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