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January 31, 2024

Historical Archive: Strict Chronology

This index is by chronology only, regardless of historical culture or medium.
It does not include works classified only by culture, and omits most objects dated to a time span of more than 500 years.
Objects datable only by century are at the beginning of each division, followed by those with more precise dates.
To make each page complete in itself, objects whose dates span page divisions may be listed on more than one page.

Paleolithic through 8th century BCE

7th and 6th centuries BCE
including all works dated 6th/5th c.

5th to 2nd century BCE

1st century BCE

1st century CE: undifferentiated, more datable

2nd century: undifferentiated, more datable

3rd century: undifferentiated; more datable:
early 3rd c., c.225 to end c.

4th century: earlier cont. into undifferentiated 4th, undifferentiated 4th c., more datable

5th century: undifferentiated, more datable

6th century: undifferentiated, 6th to 7th c.,
c.500-550, mid to end of 6th c.

7th century: undifferentiated, 6th to 7th c.,
7th c. more datable

8th century: undifferentiated, more datable

9th century: undifferentiated, datable up to 840,
840 to mid-c., 855-77, 878 to end

10th century: undifferentiated, more datable

11th century: undifferentiated, c. 1000,
more datable aft. 1000-1050, mid-11th to end

12th century: undifferentiated part 1,
undifferentiated part 2; more datable: up to c.1135 and first half c., c.1135 to mid-c., c.1150-1170 and second half c., c.1170-end

13th century: undifferentiated, more datable:
c.1200-20, early, first 1/4 or 1/3 c., c.1220-50, to mid-century, first 1/2 c., c.1250 to end

14th century: undifferentiated; more datable:
early, first 1/4, first 1/2 of c., c.1325 to 1360, 1362 to end

15th century: undifferentiated, c.1400-40,
c.1440-end, c.1475-end

16th century: undifferentiated and c.1500,
early to c.1530, first half c., c.1530 to end

17th century: undifferentiated, more datable

18th century: undifferentiated, more datable

19th century: undifferentiated and to 1870,
c.1870 to end

20th century: undifferentiated and early c.,
datable within early c., mid- to late c.

21st century

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Late Archaic male votary with wreath from the Cypriot Temple at Golgoi, c.500-480 BCE, IMA 28.35

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skull, rock crystal, Italy, probably c.1550-1600, Louvre MR 327