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Historical Archive: Earlier continuing into Fourth century, not more precisely datable

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mold-blown beaker with standing figures, 1st to 4th c., Hermitage
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gladiator fibula, silver, 1st to 4th c., MFAB
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Medusa, silver, 1st to 4th c. eastern provincial Roman, MFAB
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glass flask and footed cups found together, 1st-4th c. Karanis (Egypt), KM 0000.00.5936, 0000.00.5965, 0000.00.5966. For other views see Kelsey.
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crocodile pendant, jadeite, Caribbean watershed 1-500 CE, DO PC.B.263, which has its own page
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Crowned ibis, hematite, 1st-6th c., Kelsey 26064, Bonner 47. See many 1st-6th c. works at 'Abrasax' gems.
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grave stone of the daughter of the standard-bearer Crescens with funeral banquet, from Kirkby Thore (Eng.), 2nd-4th c., BM 1970,0102.7
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wooden comb, 2nd to 4th c. Karanis (Egypt), KM 0000.00.9976
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vessel imitating glass, wheel-cut ceramic, 3rd to 4th c. Speyer, HMP
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fragmentary hunt scene, 3rd or 4th c. (possibly German or Alexandrian), blown and cut glass, TMA 28.1888
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diatreta glass with Greek inscription, 3rd or 4th c., from Braunsfeld, Stollberger Str., RGM
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Good Shepherd, sard, 3rd-4th c., BM 1865,0224.1
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tiger wall painting fr. Toprak-kala palace (Uzbekistan), 3rd-4th c., Hermitage
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ivory terminal: boat, sailors; 3rd-4th c., Vat 62588
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Bactrian dice fr. Zar-tepe (Uzbekistan), bone and stone, late 3rd-4th c., Hermitage
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conical lamp from Karanis, free-blown glass, 3rd-5th c., KM 0000.00.5545
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nereid riding hippocamp, bone, 3rd-5th c., KHM X 293
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gold-glass medallion: menorah, amphora, horn, citron, branches; 3rd-5th c., BM 1863,0727.10
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cylinder seal, probably Sassanian (224-651), crystal, Leiden A 1952/1.2. For other views see Leiden.
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Abraham and Isaac, banded agate intaglio, Sasanian (224-651), CdM Chab. 1330
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Dionysiac scene on Sasanian silver/gilt dish, 224-651, from Alkino village, Pernoll, MSHM