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February 5, 2020

Historical Archive: Saint Andrew

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*Andrew, James the Greater, John: Ravenna, Orthodox baptistery, c.451-73. This work has its own pages.
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Saint Andrew, presbytery arch mosaic, Ravenna, Church of San Vitale, 527-48. This work has its own interior and exterior pages.
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Beresford Hope reliquary cross: Mary, SS Peter, Andrew (right), John the Baptist, and Paul, enamel, gold, and silver gilt, 9th c., Italy?, V&A 265&A-1886. For other views see V&A.
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Calling of Peter and Andrew: Bernward Column, Hildesheim, c. 1020, bronze, which has its own page.
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crucifixion of St. Andrew: Stavelot altar, gilt bronze with enamel and rock crystal, c.1150-60, MRAH 1590. This work has its own page.
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Virgin and Child with SS Paul, Peter, John the Evangelist, and *Andrew, c.1265-75, Madonna del Voto Master (Dietisalvi di Speme?), SPN 6. This work has its own page.
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St. Andrew with donor and Crucifixion, tempera and oil on wood, Retascon Master, Aragon c.1430, MFAB 99.1
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Crucifixion with SS. *Andrew and Jerome: monument of Bishop André of Gualdo, d.1437, Sion Cathedral. For additional views see Sion Cathedral.
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Peter, *Andrew, James the Greater, John the Evangelist, Thomas, 1434-37, Sion, Valère basilica, which has its own interior page
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Matthew?, *Andrew, Bartholomew? 15th c.?: Life of Mary polyptych from Hamburg cathedral, MNW Śr. 432. This work has its own page.